Monday, 21 March 2016


Don't you just hate it when as you start to feel comfortable with something everything has to change.  Change is not always for the better and it is not always progress.  Why, oh why, have Instagram decided to change the feed?  Do they have any idea how many people they have completely alienated?  I love Instagram the way it is and it would appear that many other people do too.  However, for the time being I will run my Instagram account along with my Ello account so should Instagram completely mess things up I shall be at Ello, set up and posting away!


  1. I think the whole turmoil about Instagram's timeline is a bit premature. As far as I know we will have the chance to decide whether we want the chronological timeline or the new one. To me, Ello is not really an alternative. There is no easy way to post for Android users and alsmost no communication.

    1. Premature or not there is something to be said about being proactive and prepared. I have not found any communication issues so far on Ello and though posting for Anrdoid users is currently an issue I find it is much easier to use on a laptop than Instagram is. I am currently using both and will see what happens.

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