Friday, 9 September 2016


We are all so easily seduced and quick to fall in love with new skeins of 'must have' yarn and neglect the yarns that have previously been the object of our lust and adoration.  I am no exception and I will confess that greed has got the better of me since I started knitting lace and discovered wonderful yarns.

I am definitely making a concerted effort to use some of the lovelies that are sitting patiently waiting to be used and turned into something that will be worn and loved.  Sometimes the most difficult decision is not what to knit but what to knit with and it can be so easy to be lured into the yarn store or, my biggest temptation, onto the internet to shop the wonderful array of online stores.
I am pretty certain that knitters are very much responsible for keeping the Germany Economy healthy.  I have no idea why but Germany have some of the best yarn dyers in the world.  I, obviously, speak from experience as I have bought more German yarn than any other.

The girls at Dye for Yarn/Dye for Wool, Nicole and Cordula are magicians with dye and their Tussah Silk Lace is my absolute favourite yarn to use for lace shawls.  The names of the yarns are as wonderful as the skeins of gorgeousness themselves - Doomed Voyage, Army of the Dead, Weird World . . .  I am working with some of their new Silk Cashmere Lace at the moment and it is a dream to knit with - so lovely and soft!  Though the Tussah was my first love (and true love lasts a lifetime) I am not totally monogamous yarn wise!   I love their Silk Merino Fingering and will admit to having 'one or two' skeins sitting in line waiting for attention.  Merino/Silk/Camel, Merino/Silk/Cashmere, Silk/Cashmere, Tussah Fingering . . . all hold special places in my heart and their DK Silk Merino is so lovely and I am looking forward to using it very soon to create a new cuddle of a shawl. 

Sabine is another dyer from Germany who creates the most amazing colours on her skeins of yarn with many of them being wonderful blends of romantic colours that flow seamlessly and create a dreamlike colour mix that works so well on lace knitting where many other variegated yarns would just hide the pattern.  I have just finished a shawl in Lichtfaden Rei - gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Walk Collection is Cathrin, another amazingly talented dyer who dyes on a wonderful range of bases.  The Delicate Silk is one of my favourites - a silk merino single at 600m/100g - beautiful and unusual.  You absolutely have to use the Luxe Light and Luxe Lace, Alpaca/Silk/Cashmere- such beautiful yarns!

Dibadu are another of my favourites.  They have a wonderful and extensive range of yarn bases in wonderful colours.  

With new colours being updated each week is it any wonder we accumulate a stash?  Temptation is there, on my monitor, and delivered in almost daily doses!

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