Friday, 8 September 2017


Evermore is the third pattern in the Into the Night Collection.  This collection is a series of patterns inspired by romance. Not the wild exuberance of youth but the quieter and more gentle romance of holding hands, watching the sun go down, night time strolls, stargazing, watching the moonlight on the sea, the smell of night-scented flowers, the sound of the dawn chorus, two people being happy just being together …

Evermore is a top down shawl that is a little deeper than a regular crescent shaped shawl.  Worked in two complimentary coloured yarns, one a fingering weight and one a kidsilk mohair, it comprises a striped body that shows off both yarns individually and displays their differences beautifully.  These stripes lead to a beaded lace section that displays how one yarn can work and shine alone.  The lace section seamlessly becomes a simple garter stitch edging that has both yarns knitted together.    Worked in Louisa Haring Pittura and Rowan Kid Silk Haze (shawl to the right is in Monet Pittura and Peacock Kidsilk Haze), this pattern is suitable for almost any fingering weight yarn and any kid silk mohair, working wonderfully with one variegated but tonal yarn and the other yarn a solid colour so that they work both singularly and together.  

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